Centre for Population Genomics
Centre for Population Genomics

We believe everyone should be able to benefit from advances in genomic medicine.

We are a not-for-profit research organisation creating real-world impact through equitable, population-scale genomics.

Modern medicine is being transformed by rapid advances in our ability to read genetic information to guide diagnosis, prediction, prevention, and treatment of disease. 

Right now, not everyone will benefit from these advances. Existing genomic resources – which are critical for making sense of our DNA – are missing information from many of the world’s diverse communities.

This means life-changing genomic discoveries may not reach those communities, further increasing inequity in health outcomes.

Australia has an opportunity to be a world leader in building an equitable future for genomic medicine. The Centre for Population Genomics is achieving this by:


Building respectful partnerships with diverse Australian communities
Working with those communities to generate genomic information at transformative scale
Championing equitable scientific discovery and genomic medicine

We have already generated some of the largest sets of genomic and clinical data ever assembled in Australia, contributing to:

more accurate genetic diagnoses 

better prediction of genetic risk

more equitable access to genomic medicine

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