Centre for Population Genomics
The Centre for
Population Genomics

At the Centre for Population Genomics, we are working to create a world in which genomic information enables comprehensive disease prediction, accurate diagnosis and effective therapeutics for all people.

Genomic medicine uses the information in a person’s genes to guide disease diagnosis and decisions about suitable treatments. In the future, health will be based on an individualised model of care, informed by the data contained in a person’s genes.

Australia, thanks to its strengths in both research and healthcare, has an opportunity to be an international leader in the development of genomic medicine and its application to the entire population. But much remains to be done.

For Australia to reach its full potential in deploying genomic medicine, several key developments are required and the Centre works across all of these:

reference databases of genomic sequences representing the full diversity of the people of Australia
computational infrastructure for the management of very large genomic data sets
new analytical tools capable of investigating data at huge scale
a more thorough understanding of how genetic variation contributes to disease and health
improved therapeutics and clinical translation of research findings
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