Centre for Population Genomics

Co-designing engagement with CALD communities under-represented in genomic research

(PI: Professor Daniel MacArthur, Centre for Population Genomics)

One of CPG's aims is to address the omission from genomic data resources, and therefore from genetics-driven healthcare, of Australians from several ethnic minority ancestry groups. Many Australian communities are largely or entirely missing from existing genomic resources, including groups of Oceanian, South-East Asian, South and East Asian, Middle Eastern, and African ancestry. However, before starting future projects to recruit individuals from these communities into genomic research, we need to better understand their preferences. The aim of this project led by CPG's Inclusive Genomics team is to inform, by means of interviews and co-design workshops, the CPG's engagement with Australian Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities that are under-represented in genomic research.