Centre for Population Genomics

The Australian Cancer Risk Study: Genomic risk prediction and risk-tailored screening and early detection for common cancers

(PI: Professor Anne Cust & Dr Julia Steinberg, The Daffodil Centre, The University of Sydney and Cancer Council NSW)

One in two Australians will develop cancer by the age of 85. Genetic predisposition plays an important role for each of the four most common cancers (breast, colorectal, and prostate cancers, and melanoma). In the future, genetic information could be used to predict cancer risk and to improve the early detection of these common cancers. This research project aims to develop and test cancer risk prediction tools for the Australian population by combining genetic, lifestyle, and health information. These tools may help us to prevent and treat cancer more effectively. The CPG will be involved in the quality control of the genomic data generated by this project.